Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can the pads be cleaned?
    Yes. High performance rigid cellulose pads are used on all of our models and can be easily removed from the units for cleaning.  Use a constant stream of water and soft brush to remove any foreign materials such as dirt, bugs, mineral deposits, and so forth.  Refer to the owner’s instruction manual for more details about removal and cleaning of the pads.
  1. Is it normal for the pads to have an odor?
    If the pads are brand new, a slight odor is normal.  The odor goes away with a few days of use.  In order to reduce the odor quickly, you may try the following:
  1. Remove the pad(s) from the unit and wash with a constant stream of water for a few minutes.
  2. Fill up the reservoir with water, run in COOL mode for 30 minutes or so. Then drain the water from the reservoir.  Repeat this procedure a few times.
    (always refer to the owner’s instruction manual for details and cautions)
  1. Can the pads be replaced?
    Yes, the pads can be replaced. Click here for the appropriate part number for your KuulAire model or call us at 1-888-COOLAID.  The model number is located in the rating tag which is usually located either on the rear or the side of the water reservoir.
  1. Does the cooler need water to operate?
    All KuulAire models can be operated in either FAN or COOL mode.  However, in order to enjoy the benefits of evaporative cooling in COOL mode, units require a minimum water level in the respective water reservoirs.
  1. Can the cooler be operated without water?
    Our portable evaporative coolers can be operated in either FAN or COOL mode.  In FAN mode, the units do not require water.  It is strongly recommended not to use the units in COOL mode without the proper amount of water in the reservoir.  Doing so will damage the pump and shorten the life of the units.  Some models come with a water level sensor that will shut off  the pump when water level falls below the minimum level.
  1. Does the cooler plug into a standard 120V electrical outlet?
    All of our KUULAIRE™ line of portable evaporative coolers plug into 3-prong grounded 120V electrical outlet.
  1. Can the cooler be used indoors?
    Our portable evaporative coolers are great for spot cooling indoor areas such as kitchen, living room, office, bedroom,  etc. 
  1. How much water does the cooler hold?
    Please refer to the owner’s instruction manual for each model but here is the quick rundown:
  • PACKA40 – 2.5 gallon
    PACKA45 - 3 gallon
    PACKA50 – 5 gallon
    PACKA70 – 4 gallon
    PACKA55 - 8 gallon
    PACKA12 – 8 gallon
    PACKA77 - 8 gallon
    PACKA15 – 12 gallon
  1. How do you fill the cooler with water?
    All of our portable evaporative coolers come equipped with a water fill door, located either in front or on the side of the units.  Models approved for outdoor use (PACKA12 and PACKA15) also come with a hose hookup option for continuous fill.  Float valves come pre-installed.  Refer to the owner’s instruction manual for adjustment of float valve and installation of hose adapter.
  1. What maintenance is recommended for the cooler?  How often do I need to clean it?
    Regular maintenance will extend the life and effectiveness of the evaporative coolers.  Draining the water reservoir and refilling with fresh water at least once a week will greatly reduce mineral deposits in the pads and the reservoir and help to extend not only the life of pads, but also the effectiveness of the units.  Do not leave stale water in the reservoir for an extended period of time.  For detailed maintenance information, please refer to your owner’s instruction manual.
  1. How does an evaporative cooler save energy and money?
    Evaporative cooling is the natural way of cooling using only water evaporation.  Compared to conventional refrigerated air conditioning, an evaporative cooler consumes approximately 25% of electricity as compared to traditional air conditioning units.  Instead of large motors used in compressors of AC systems, only the blower motor is used in an evaporative cooler and requires much less electricity.  You can also save money by turning up your thermostat for your traditional air conditioning system in your house or office by just a couple of degrees and supplementing with portable evaporative coolers. Not only will evaporative cooling save money on your electric bill, it is an all natural cooling method.
  1. Why evaporative cooling?
    Evaporative cooling is not only economical but a healthy way of cooling.  The recommended indoor humidity level is between 30% - 60%, depending on the temperature.  When a traditional AC system runs, moisture in the air is removed and indoor air becomes dry.  When evaporative cooling is used, indoor air becomes cool, moist and fresh.
  1. How do you clean the cooler?
    The outside and inside of coolers can be cleaned using only a damp clothing.  To clean the cooling pads, remove them from the unit and use a constant stream of water and a light brush to remove any foreign material.  Do not use any harsh chemicals to clean the coolers.  For detailed instructions on how to maintain and clean, please refer to your owner’s instruction manual.
  1. Does cold water cool better?
    No, cold water does not have significant effect on cooling in evaporative coolers.
  1. Can regular tap water be used in the cooler?
    Yes, fresh regular tap water is recommended for the use in evaporative coolers.  Soft water is not recommended for use in evaporative coolers, as it increases the risk of corrosion in metal parts. When well water is used, more extensive maintenance is required as well water tends to be mineral rich.
  1. Do you recommend additives to the water?
    No additives should be used in evaporative coolers.
  1. Can the cooler be moved from room to room?
    Our portable evaporative cooling units can easily be moved from one room to another.  When moving the units, please follow cautions listed in your owner’s instruction manual.
  1. Can the pump be replaced?
    Yes, the pump is replaceable.  Unplug the unit from the power source and remove the rear panel.  Remove the pump hold-down bracket, remove the pump hose and unplug the quick-disconnect in the wiring.  Replace it with the new pump.  For pump part numbers and further assistance, please visit us at Click here or call us at 1-888-KOOLAID.
  1. Where should a portable cooler be placed in a room?
    In ideal conditions, the portable cooler should be placed in front of an open window or door to draw in fresh/dry outside air. If possible, a window or a door should be opened on the opposite side of the room from the cooler for air exhaust.
  1. Can the cooler be drained?
    Our portable evaporative coolers come with drain/drain plug either at the bottom or the rear of the water reservoir.  Move the unit where water can be drained and remove the plug.  After the cooler has drained completely, refill the tank with fresh water and the unit is ready to cool again.  Regular draining prevents excessive mineral build-up in the tank and on the cooling media.  At least once a week, draining the water reservoir will increase the life of the pads and the effectiveness of the cooler.
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